Monday, June 23, 2008

San Diego Zoo - Birds Galore

I just got back from my weekend trip to San Diego. I had to visit the San Diego Zoo after hearing about their walk-in aviaries! Here is a picture of the Magnificent Fruit Dove, and magnificent he is! I have plenty of photos for inspiration for new bird prints. I love how the zoo's top attractions were the koalas and pandas, which left me plenty of space in the bird exhibit while the rest of the crowds were elsewhere. The aviaries are a must visit for any bird lover in the San Diego area. They also have a Micronesian Kingfisher which is unfortunately extinct in the wild. I spent a lot of time at his enclosure listening to his sweet call, because someday it may not be heard again. Brookfield Zoo, near Chicago, also has Micronesian Kingfishers (not all on display). They currently have 13 of the 60 left in zoos around the world.

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