Saturday, June 7, 2008

Be Cautious of Vistaprint

Do you use for printing business cards, notecards, etc? I came across a forum on etsy about Vistaprint being a scam. Many people have had extra charges added to their credit card account, or have had their info sold to other companies and now receive sales calls, regardless if they checked a box to opt out of "specials", clicked "No Thanks," or even if they are currently on the national Do Not Call list. I too have used Vistaprint and am currently waiting for a Vistaprint order to be delivered. Needless to say, I will be on the look out and check my credit daily. As soon as my order comes in, I am canceling my account and will not use Vista again. Some other options Etsy users recommend are,, or

The Better Business Bureau has a list of the Top 10 Complained About Businesses with an Unsatisfactory Reliability Report (within the last 12 months as of 6/1/2008) and VistaPrint is #5!

Here are some other links mentioned in the forum -

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